3 Reasons You Should Care About Internet Monitoring


1. Slow connection—perception or problem? “It’s slow”…what does that really mean? Candidly, it means something different to everyone, but more importantly where is the real problem? Circuit monitoring can easily identify if and where problems spots exist, compressing time for IT professionals.

2. Is it your network or the internet connection?

Sometimes the problem is a failing piece of equipment on your network (such as an old switch) that even the best IT guy will miss. Without proper data, we’re just guessing and most internet service providers will tell you, “everything’s fine on our end”. Well, what if this time the internet really is working properly? Wouldn’t you rather know for certain than continue being frustrated?

3. Sometimes stuff just breaks...

And usually, we don’t know until Monday morning, when everyone is at work, ready to be productive. With paid circuit monitoring, the moment the link breaks, a ticket can be opened with the internet service provider and the process of fixing it can start sooner, hopefully reducing downtime for your company.

Let’s talk about it…we’ve got years of experience with each of these situations and we’d like to help.