5 Benefits of Mobile Device Management (MDM)


We have all read The 4 Hour Workweek and the image of sipping drinks from coconuts with the tide breaking just feet from our chair is pretty universally appealing.  Well in our model business age, that image is often a reality.  More workers are finding themselves working remotely on their own devices. Because of this Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is becoming increasingly necessary.  There are a world of risks that come with this, but if you set up a good platform within which to secure, manage, monitor and support the mobile devices used throughout your company you will quickly see the benefits far outweigh the risks.  As highlighted below in these  5 benefits:

1. Organization:  A solid MDM plan will keep track of all the users that are working off of mobile devices.  It will also manage these devices and assignments.  This is also a great way to keep track of contact information. MDM can also track incidents and manage them.  All in all, an administrator’s dream.

2. Flexibility:  If you have a good MDM platform in place, there is no need to worry about off-site employees.  Now work can be getting done anywhere!  And you can stay on top of what’s happening with that work.

3. Security: Thieves accessing your information is a common worry amongst business owners (and everyone really) now a days.  But with the use of mobile device management this risk is lessened.  MDM allows you to entirely wipe a device remotely, or selectively wipe it in the case of stolen mobile devices.

4. Cost Savings:  If employees are bringing their own devices, your overhead is lowered!  More people are working for their companies on their own phones, laptops and tablets.  This means you don’t need to provide the equipment.  We could follow this bread crumb one step further, and with employees working remotely there is a lot of other overhead you save on.

5. Relief to IT Staff:  With BYOD (bring your own devices) the IT staff has some burden lifted off them.  If a mobile device breaks, generally it’s the employee’s manufactures place to get that fixed.  If there is a problem with the MDM, great everything can be fixed remotely!  Meaning there job can be done more expediently so they can focus on larger tasks.

In summation, designing and implementing a MDM is so vital to running your business efficiently and safely.  Especially for those companies that utilize a lot of remote employees.