Internets Down Again?


It’s happened to all of us, the internet is down or just “feels slow”. Customer service says “oh everything looks great from our side, you should just reboot..." which you’ve already done 3 times and it’s still slow. Or my personal favorite, it's 8am Monday morning, the internet is down and you start the week on hold, being told how important your call is. The crazy cycle has started and the worst part is you’re not crazy. Circuit monitoring helps address this problem in four ways: 1. Automatic email alerts when the internet is down or underperforming. 2. A 30 day diary of internet performance so you don't get "everything looks fine right now" when you call into customer service. 3. Automatically opens trouble tickets with the supplier when the circuit is underperforming. 4. SLA compliancy PROOF which monitors the circuit for violations so credits are NOT based on “who can yell the loudest” or “he said/she said”.

Basically this all adds up to you spending less time on hold with your carrier and more time working on your business.