The Benefits of Phone and CRM Integration


Before we begin talking benefits it’s important to understand what exactly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) even is! CRM is all about developing and fostering the rapport between you and your customers (or potential customers). You are trying to build a strong foundation in order to grow. You need to understand your customers and be able to address their needs. This will help you retain your customers, provide better services, help your staff know how to handle customer support.

Integrating CRM into your phone systems will help your staff work together and share important data. It will help your sales funnel, manage deals, and help to measure performance. It will also help up your level of professionalism. Integrating your CRM and phone systems will help you handle incoming calls and follow up. It will also be possible to more effectively route your calls. It will also help you handle team productivity: tracking outbound call, the amount of time a customer is on hold, how long a sales call takes, etc.

If you haven’t already integrated your CRM with your phone system, we can’t recommend it highly enough!