Tis The Season To Buy Cellular Service


The Christmas season is typically the best time to get a “deal” on mobile phones, but here are a few lumps of coal to watch out for. The number one mistake people make when switching a mobile phone provider is trying to buy based on the "advertised" price. That price is rarely what you end up paying unless you're very savvy. The instore sales team is trained to "upsell" you with monthly features you don't need, larger data plans, cell phone insurance and "easy monthly payments" for your new phone.

I just saw T-Mobile offering Beats headphones saying “$0 down and let future you pick up the bill.”

AT&T is now pushing 30 payments on your new phone, instead of the industry standard 24 payments, which gives them 6 more months of the cellular plan.

Verizon is pushing their "limitless plans"...further confusing the process because unless you have “safety mode” (meaning your data is slowed way down…you’ll pay heavily for Big Red).

My experience? Unless you live where there are more deer than people, Sprint or T-Mobile are the best value for service, but they'll still try to sign you up for Netflix/Spotify, (or Beats headphones).

If your business has more than 75 mobile users…let us know, we might be able to help you with controlling expenses without changing cellular providers.

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