Top 5 Benefits Of Hosted Exchange


Email is such an integral part of our everyday lives and our businesses.   As far as effective and quick, it’s tops!  Hosted email also offers the benefit of instant contact and calendar sharing.  As a business hosting your own email servers is a labor of Sisyphus. Hosted Exchange Email is the perfect solution for businesses.   So let’s delve into the top five benefits of Hosted Exchange Email for your Business: 1. Improved Communication:  You will look like a customer service all-star when at any given time (place) you can access your email and pull up all of your client’s information.  It’s lunch hour, and an important client just emailed you?  No problem, you can see past emails for reference,  pull up their information and reply to them!  All from corner of Starbucks while sipping your fourth cup of coffee for the day.

2. Budget Friendly:  When hosting your own server you may see huge spikes and surges in your monthly cost.  When allowing someone else to host your exchange your cost are predictable.  Your accounting department will thank you for that!

3. Accessibility: We all know in today’s modern business a lot of work isn’t actually done in the office.  With hosted exchange email you can access your information anywhere, anytime!  I guess this is as good of an excuse as any to extend that Caribbean vacation!

4. IT Support:  Nearly all hosts will offer IT support.  So now when something isn’t working, they’ve got you!  In fact, they may be aware of those problems well before you are, so you may never even know there is a problem!

5.  Peace of Mind:  This benefit often gets bypassed as not important.  But think about your productivity levels when you are frazzled.  They suffer.  Hosted email streamlines your business and allows you to focus on what matters.  Top customer service and keeping in touch!

In summation, for many modern businesses hosted exchange is the way to go!  Focus on your business, and leave the bulky hardware and other troubles of local servers to the other guy.