Top 5 Benefits Of Hosted Voip


We all know there’s a reason everyone isn’t running out and just starting their own company—running a business is HARD work.  On top of the never ending to-do list, you have to worry about keeping up with the competition (I should say, keeping AHEAD of the competition).  In order to do this, you need to focus on your essential daily activities.  Managing an ever-advancing communication system should not be on that list of to-do’s. Below you will find 5 reasons your business should be using hosted VoIP:

1. Cost: There a number of ways hosted VoIP can help your company save money.  Keep in mind though, cost is not the primary (or largest) benefit of hosted VoIP.  Hosted VoIP doesn’t require you to maintain bulky expensive equipment that is stored away in some closet.  You can also select only the features you need so as not to waste money. Hosted VoIP is a fully managed service so you won't have to drop a $100+ on a tech every time you need change something.

2. Flexibility:  Businesses grow, and sometimes shrink.  You can not 100% guarantee what will happen over the next few years.  Fortunately VoIP is highly flexible.  You can increase the services and users, or decrease as your business’ needs change! Also making simple changes like adding new employees or changing a greeting is a breeze with a simple online portal.

3. Features: VoIP has a vast array of features.  All of which can be highly beneficial to your business.  Do you want to forward voicemails to your email?  NO problem.  Do you need to make a call from the office, when you are OUT OF THE OFFICE?  Piece of cake!  VoIP can handle nearly anything and everything is customized to your business so you are always getting the most out of it.

4. Plan B:  We may not like to think about them, but accidents happen.  Your office can flood, loose power, or be robbed.  With hosted VoIP these disasters will have a minimal affect on your phones.  Since the physical box sits in a secure data center, your team can go on working from anywhere why your office is repaired.

5. Reduce Stress on IT support:  Hosted VOIP is a fully managed solution. Unlike, a traditional phone system very little IT support is needed. Moves, adds, and changes are simple and are part of your service. Managing your users is simple, and you can always enable new features.

So again, hosted VoIP can benefit your company in many ways!  Scale up easily, work remotely, and increase redundancy all while using less of your company's resources!