Cloud Security


A lot of people’s first thought when it comes to the cloud is ‘Is my information really safe up there??’ So let’s talk security! Over 70% of businesses are on the cloud, so it can’t be all bad! You have increased flexibility, a decrease in costs, automated updates, easier collaboration, and freedom to work anywhere. And if you are aware of the threats it will help to minimize them.

Data breaches are one of those threats. A lot of businesses worry that storing their information on their cloud will increase a risk of breach. It is important to recognize this is a possibility and implement proper security measures to protect data that’s left in the cloud.

Having your accounts broken into or hijacked is another risk. Scripting bugs and reusing passwords is a way hijackers can get in undetected.

You also need to watch it for insider jobs. Misuse of information or malicious intent by authorized users. You can work on business partnerships, controlling and limiting access, implementing technology and initiatives.

Pirating and abuse of cloud services is another issue. Data loss whether malicious or natural is also a concern.

So make yourself aware of these threats and create a security strategy to best suit your business! If you need help creating a strategy we can help.