How Cloud Computing Could Change Your Business


At one point the cloud was just some mysterious thing everyone talked about it was a trend. But that is no longer true. It is now the reality. The cloud is an important consideration and could alter your company. So how could cloud benefit and change your business?

Firstly we should keep in my mind, the cloud is far more simplified than we imagine it to be. In a nutshell, it’s the internet. It hosts applications, stores data, allows you access your server remotely… all via the… you guessed it… internet! Moving to the cloud will improve efficiency in your company.

The role your IT department plays will change when you move to the cloud. Your cloud provider will most likely take on a huge chunk of a traditional IT department’s responsibilities. This could mean potential savings!

Your accessibility will also increase, as well as your mobility. You will be able to access your documents, spreadsheets, data, applications and network from ANYWHERE. This means remote employees (again possibly saving money), as well as allowing the business owners freedom to travel and work on the road. Collaborations are also easier than ever with the cloud since all team members (no matter their location) can easily access the same information.

And because this is a universal concern, as mentioned, the cloud can lower your costs. You don’t have the cost of storing data and racks in-house. You have less overhead since you can employ out-of-office employees. And your IT team will be productive since the cloud provider handles a lot of this for you!

These are just a few examples of what the cloud can do for your business.