Unified Communication and Collaboration


If you need a software that combines the various methods for conference calls (i.e., audio, video, text, virtual whiteboards) then you need Unified Communications and Collaborations, or UCC. If you need to communicate with an audience, especially where engagement and interaction are encouraged, UCC will help this go smoothly. You will want to make sure your network isn’t outdated since that can create some serious latency. Using Unified Communications and Collaborations solutions, businesses can greatly improve the way they interact. It makes you more flexible AND adaptable. It also allows for speedier communications and decisions and cuts down excessive spending. UCC uses internet protocol, Voice over IP, video/audio/web conferencing, voice mails, instant messaging, and unified messaging.

To recap the benefits, you will be more flexible; improve productivity; be more responsive; increase employee flexibility; cut expenses in IT admin, travel, and telecom; and better collaboration between employees/customers.