The Power Of Business Analytics


“That’s a horse of a different color!”-The Wizard of Oz when presented with new information…

Business intelligence can be used in a variety of ways, including staffing decisions.

For example, we had a client that “knew” they didn’t get many phone calls on Friday, “It just doesn’t seem that busy”, they told us. By using their hosted phone system’s included call analytics, they discovered they only averaged 5-6 inbound calls per day on Fridays with a staff of 30 people, but still had the expense of opening the office for a full business day. After meeting with staff, the company happily converted to a 4 day work week, with EVERYONE having Friday’s, except one staff member who took calls at home, on a mobile device. No one received a pay cut and the company still saved thousands by opening the office one less day per week. As Deming said…”Without data…you’re just another person with an opinion.”